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Updated: May 31, 2021


This is very upsetting and frustrating as we saw how a highly anticipated and well-planned peaceful Tractor Parade ended up being in a mess.

There was a sense of restlessness towards the afternoon as the bad news broke out in the media that the farmers have finally gotten out of control as they trespassed into the Red Fort, taking down the National Flag, which led to the violence and the police started charging them badly, which turned the peaceful tractor march into an ugly violent event.

Honestly, I already had my doubts that something is going to happen and that this whole event could end very badly which is going to leave a big scar mark on our Farmers Protests. We were already getting clues for the last few days that a group of miscreants are trying to disrupt the peaceful protests, but the farmers were aware of that and were on a high alert to take notice of any suspicious people among or around themselves and because of that only, they were able to nab a guy who was trying to burn a tractor trolley which was loaded with their food supplies, and when he was caught by the farmers, he started acting like a dumb fellow and so was later let off saying that he was a psycho, a mental patient and he’s got nothing to do with the protests.

As it seems, the farmers were clearly double-crossed by the Govt by dragging them into dirty politics and defaming the whole campaign and now after this unfortunate violent event (which was staged of course), the Govt has gotten itself all the reasons to apply full force to suppress the whole campaign through any means (we know their tendency), but we need to keep ourselves focused and stay put.

These are the testing times for all of us and we need to be even more stronger and subtle on our stand to keep fighting for the righteousness.

This is the time to act wisely and take a step back to measure the current situation patiently and then carefully plan for the next step.

Please share your thoughts and your point of view regarding this unfortunate Jan 26 event.

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Violence has become a regular thing nowdays....after these riots by farmers...govt. should take some harsh steps by banning these bills and make farmers devoid of the benefits Mr. Modi is offering....

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